Learn to play Golf

learn to play golf

Beginner Golf Tour Programme

5 days / 4 nights:

2 counties Surrey and Kent.

Game takes place at the fields of the world famous JAMES ANDREWS SCHOOL OF GOLF


Day 1

Morning arrival at an airport.

Transfer: Airport - SELSDON PARK HOTEL & GOLF CLUB (4* hotel)

Accommodation at the hotel.

16.00 - Dinner at a restaurant

Leisure time

Day 2

8.00 - 9.30 - Breakfast at the hotel

Golf Play - 3 Rounds

Lunch at the hotel

Day 3

8.00 - 9.30 - Breakfast at the hotel


15.00 - Unlimited Golf Play at Sedlescombe Golf Club

JAMES ANDREWS SCHOOL OF GOLF has advanced courses for players of various levels.

The maximum size of group - 4 persons who are trained by one trainer.

Training programme usually takes 2 - 5 days and carried out weekly.

Upon termination of the course you receive a professional assessment of your skill level.

Day 4

8.00 - 9.00 Breakfast at the hotel

Golf Training.

Training programme includes:
- professional trainer for long games
- a game round with CCTV recording and analysis.

Day 5

Transfer to Airport

Golf Tour Programmes

Experienced Golf Players: Golf & Spa

golf events in Sussex

5 days / 4 nights: 2 counties Surrey и Kent.

Golf Play and accommodation at SELSDON PARK HOTEL & GOLF CLUB and at EAST SUSSEX NATIONAL GOLF RESORT & SPA known for the championships and world famous golfers.

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VIP Golf Tour

golf events in South East England

6 days / 5 nights: 2 Castles and golf play at finest golf courses (South West England).

BOVEY CASTLE is located close to Bournemouth - the city with a wide choice of hotels and multiple golf courses of small radius.

golf events in South East England

MANOR HOUSE AT CASTLE is located near to Bath known from antiquity as a balneal resort.

golf events in South East England

It is a Castle-Hotel of the 15th century located in magnificent green reserve space. The golf course in vicinity of the castle is one of the 15 finest golf courses of Great Britain.

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Tourism in the UK

Traditions, culture, history and unique charm of the Great Britain attracts tourists from all over the world. Abundance of attractions and variety of museums, representing british cultural heritage, cause endless interest to the country.

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Edication in the UK

Studying in the UK - is a great opportunity to learn English, acquire professional skills and learn about life of the country from within. It is considered that good education and British education are synonymous.

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Business in the UK

In the UK, foreign nationals do not pay taxes on income earned outside the country. Many successful investors have used their excellent opportunities in promising directions of the UK's economy.

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