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Digamma company has become one of the leading educational operators specialising in tailor-made study visits for school and college students. For those who consider education prospects in Great Britain, we offer study visits to various educational institutions of Great Britain.

With our extensive experience and team of specialist staff we will help you choose from our unrivalled selection of private schools and colledges whose programmes are designed to suit a range of subjects across the curriculum.

Study visit for the purpose of education is the possibility to communicate to directors, teachers and students.

The main program of your visit will cover a few educational institutions and will provide prospects for various levels of education. It usually lasts 3-5 days during which you will have a possibility to visit 5-10 private boarding schools and colleges. We recommend schools and colleges of the TOP academic ratings (according to the estimates of independent agencies).

We also organize study visits for students who consider further education in Britain. Often our clients are heads of the companies who are interested in further education for their employees in Great Britain, either to study English connected with their specialisation or profound business studies.

Our education experts are chosen for their experience, knowledge and efficiency to enable us to provide you with the best possible service, advice and information. We can help you to plan every detail of your visit . We will accompany you during your trip and discuss education options for any budget. As a result of your visit you will:

  • Get acquainted with top educational institutions in Britain
  • Receive detailed information on accomodation, transport, criminal situation, etc
  • Receive information on enrollment process in educational institutions of Britain
  • Choose educational institution and begin enrollment process, clarify information on the educational institutions, or revise your search requirements.

Study Visit: Choosing School in England

Choosing school in England

Day 1

Arival in London. Transfer from airport, accommodation at a hotel.

Day 2

Trip to educational institutions with professional adviser.
Meeting with managers, students.
Bus excursion with a guide, visiting historical places of London (or other options).

Day 3

Trip to educational institutions with professional adviser.
Meeting with managers, students.
Acquaintance with student's life in London.
Walking tour to a museum with a guide(or other options).

Day 4

Transfer to airport.

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Business in the UK

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