Yachts & Motor Boats


Digamma company provides consulting services and assistance in purchasing, supply and maintenance of yachts and motor boats. The purpose of this service is to provide our customers with reliable information on buying motor boats and yachts in the UK. Buying a boat or a yaht you may encounter unexpected problems. Therefore, we offer you a profesional consultation. Our clients receive advice that includes:

  • Definition of type of the yacht;
  • Determination of optimum size;
  • Calculation of the required parameters and characteristics of the yacht;
  • Selection of model of the yaht that meet customer requirements;
  • Advise on transportation, customs clearance and registration.
  • We provide independent and impartial advice on choosing motor boats and yachts for prospective buyers. We rely solely on preferences and tastes of our clients.

    For information on purchasing, supply and maintenance of yachts and motor boats please fill out the contact form or call today to speak to one of our business consultants

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