Market analysis of products and services

The main purpose of market analysis is to obtain a comprehensive systematic knowledge about the state and prospects of the studied market, existing relationships and its laws. The results of the analysis help making decisions about organization of a new business, launch a new product, entering new markets or adjustment of marketing policy.

Modern markets are complex and multi-faceted, each of them characterized by its own particular operation and development, which ultimately affects the process of studying. For example, a significant difference can be observed in the goods markets and services markets, mass consumer markets and corporate markets; a distint mark of any maket is geographic location.

In addition, the process of market analysis is largely determined by its purpose and the targets you set. Therefore, when studying each market we use a specially designed recearch program, that involves a set of methods that match the task and reflect the specifics of the market.

A quality market analysis will provide the following information:

  • Description of the main trends of the market;
  • Demand for goods and services;
  • Consumer preferences;
  • Features of consumer behavior;
  • Market development dynamics;
  • Capacity and other characteristics of the market;
  • Comprehensive study of the available supply in the market;
  • Analysis of the competitive environment in the market;
  • Market price situation;
  • Promotion practices used in the market

Practical experience of using research methods in different markets allows us to offer our clients the best format of marketing research in the following markets:

  • FMCG markets
  • B2B markets
  • Production and sale of branded products
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications, mobile communications
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical technology, public health
  • Publishing Business
  • Automotive
  • Residential real estate
  • Commercial real estate
  • The construction of new real estate
  • Labor
  • Education and educational services
  • Children's products and services
  • Services and entertainment
  • Tourism and leisure
  • Fitness, wellness centers
  • Food and related goods
  • Production and sales of office products
  • Consumer electronics
  • Building materials

Our experts have extensive experience in research of various markets and are willing to help in the analysis of your market, from defining goals and objectives of the market to provision of results and recommendations for their use. In this case, depending on your existing needs, market analysis can be presented as a separate document, or as part of a document - Marketing Strategy or Business Plan.

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