Business Consulting


Digamma Company specialists carry out complex projects designed for business consulting of private companies and corporations in order to benefit and promote their business on the global market and access to funding sources so that they become resistant and able to maximize their opportunities for future growth.

We organize professional education on all levels of economy; from strategic business development and production management to organization of all types of corporate events.

Our services are centered around your business success. We offer business consulting, develop and implement business plans, strategic plans and investment overviews. Full website design, developement, seo and marketing services.

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Digamma Company: Business Consulting in the United Kingdom

Business Finance

Business Finance Business Finance
Digamma Company provides comprehensive consulting services aimed at building efficient and reliable financial management systems. Financial consulting services aimed at creating an effective management...

Real Estate

Real Estate Real Estate
One of the main priorities of Digamma Company is real estate consulting. UK Property, residential and commercial, together with land, development and agricultural, has always been a popular investment. Property...

Business Development

Business Development Business Development
Digamma Company provides the following services: individual consultations on management and business administration, accounting services, tax audit and planning, new business set up and registration. We...
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Tourism in the UK

Traditions, culture, history and unique charm of the Great Britain attracts tourists from all over the world. Abundance of attractions and variety of museums, representing british cultural heritage, cause endless interest to the country.

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Edication in the UK

Studying in the UK - is a great opportunity to learn English, acquire professional skills and learn about life of the country from within. It is considered that good education and British education are synonymous.

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Business in the UK

In the UK, foreign nationals do not pay taxes on income earned outside the country. Many successful investors have used their excellent opportunities in promising directions of the UK's economy.

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